Touchless self-service solution for
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Touchless kiosk control with Touchless.Connect

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, airports and airlines are constantly working on new health and safety concepts to prevent the spread of the virus. Besides assuring safe distancing and minimizing personal contacts, another challenge is to eliminate physical interactions with potentially contaminated surfaces such as self-service equipment.

Materna IPS has developed a solution for self-service devices that is easy to implement and provides passengers with the necessary protection: Touchless.Connect. This touchless solution allows passengers to operate a self bag drop unit by simply using their very own mobile phone without  making any significant changes to the passenger process.

Your benefits

Very cost efficient

Remote installation

Web browser based, no extra app needed

Suitable for Android, IOS and other OS

Passenger process does not change

A great step towards making the passenger journey completely touchless

With the newly developed Materna IPS Touchless.Connect technology, passengers no longer need to use the touchscreen when operating SBD units.

By simply scanning a QR code shown on the kiosk display with their smartphone, passengers are redirected to a Materna IPS hosted website which serves as a replica screen of the actual SBD. Passengers can now control the self-service kiosk with their own device without having to touch the kiosk display.

This feature allows a safe airport experience that doesn’t affect the familiar passenger process. Following a software-based approach, no additional hardware is needed and already installed units can easily be equipped with the new technology. Installation does not need to take place on site and instead can be implemented cost-efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Some retrofit SBD solutions rely on passenger interaction for manual bag tag scanning. Touchless.Connect eliminates this touchpoint by turning the passenger’s smartphone into a bag tag scanner. No extra app is needed: Touchless.Connect uses the mobile’s web browser and works with Android, IOS and other operating systems right from the start. Passengers can either use the airports Wi-Fi or their mobile internet connection, there is no need to activate Bluetooth.

Touchless.Connect supports multiple airline applications and proves to be extremely flexible in practice so the airline process remains the same. Touchless travel has never been so easy.

Watch our new solution for touchless kiosk control here and see how passengers check in their bags safe and easy.


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Hear the feedback from our customer Victoria Airport in December 2020

Feedback from Adrian Nyland

Manager, IT and Facilities at Victoria Airport, Canada.

Making the self-service experience touchless

Learn more about how to make the passenger journey touchless and avoid the risk of infections in a post COVID-19 world.

Declan Austin

Materna IPS UK

Senior Manager Airport Solutions


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