Toronto Pearson Airport with three different Materna solutions

Ten next generation Materna Retrofit self bag drop units have been successfully installed allowing for quick and easy baggage drop-off. The airport has once again placed its trust in Materna and, following the well-proven Air.Go solution in Terminals 1 and 3, has now also implemented our Drop.Go systems for quick and easy baggage drop-off.

This new project brings the overall Materna self bag drop installation here to more than 65 units. Sunwing is the first airline to start using the new equipment with more airlines lined up for testing with Materna. We are extremely proud of this newly completed project by Materna Canada. Toronto Pearson Airport now has three different hardware solutions from Materna (which include the Air.Go solutions, A and B models, and Drop.Go), and all of them deliver a process that works for the airline in the space the airport has available.