Tag.Go Mini – BYOD Bag Tag Printing Solution by Materna IPS

Materna IPS is proud to introduce the latest addition to the Tag.Go series, the Tag.Go Mini. With its contemporary and modest design it is specifically developed for the initial step of a two-step SBD process, providing a safer and more efficient passenger flow while minimizing queues.

With the Tag.Go Mini, the baggage handling process is initiated seamlessly by presenting a boarding pass at the device. For the subsequent payment of excess baggage, the self-service solution employs “bring your own device” (BYOD) technology. This means that passengers can conveniently handle the payment process via their smartphones using the integrated Touchless.Connect function through Smart Payment. Once the boarding pass data has been scanned and any excess baggage charges have been paid, the system prints out the baggage tag.

The self-service machine stands out with its space-saving size and lightweight design, allowing for effortless customizability across various airport environments. It is equipped with a 7″ touch screen and features such as a boarding pass scanner, and a bag tag printer. Although the small kiosk is convenient in size, it can still be customized with various materials, colors, and printers to meet specific needs. Furthermore, the Tag.Go Mini offers the option for biometric solutions.

The Tag.Go Mini’s intuitive user interface and built-in technology shorten process times and reduce long queues in terminals, providing passengers with a smooth travel experience.

The Tag.Go Mini offers various installation options.