Solving issues before they become problems

You can only work proactively, instead of just reacting, if you always know what sort of condition your applications, machines and connections are in. You can easily find out about your traffic numbers, upcoming maintenance requirements, failures, downtime or peak loads, on our intuitive dashboard-based control center.

Send your technicians to do predictive maintenance or repairs before issues become problems and before your passengers suffer from any delays or inconvenience. Or even better – completely outsource this to us. Our certified cloud-based data center can host and monitor your applications 24/7 and our service team can take care of all your equipment out in the field.

What makes us outstanding

  • Certified cloud-based data center for hosting and monitoring
  • Intuitive dashboard-based control center for real-time surveillance
  • Our own service and maintenance team

Field Service

Monitoring & Reporting

Cloud Operations