Kiosk, Web, Mobile


We have integrated payment services into our solutions and provide now these functions for airlines.

Quick and easy payment handling

Let your passengers pay their fees at the point of request and don’t bother them with searching the airport for payment counter!

Our payment services provide a payment system that can be used by airlines and airline applications operating on our devices like check-in kiosks or self-service bag drop systems in common use or dedicated environments. You can also make use of our handheld payment devices for passenger guides.


Our payment services provide a PCI DSS-compliant, simple to implement and manageable system that is based on strict, but simple relationships between customers, Materna and a payment service provider.

Easy to use for passengers

  • Chip and PIN solution based on payment facilitator model

More flexibility

  • Web and mobile payment
  • Solution for check-in and self bag drop kiosks
  • Minimized contractual work
  • Payments for single airline use or multiple airline use on shared devices

Easy integration

  • Applicable in Common Use environments
  • Possible integration with different PSPs
  • Minimum of stakeholders and roles


  • Compliant with PCI DSS and CUSS 1.3 payment definitions