Pay for extras on the spot

Let your passengers pay any additional charges directly at the point of request so they don’t have to search the airport for a payment counter! Our payment services provide a payment system that can be used by airlines and airline applications operating on our devices, such as on check-in kiosks or self-service bag drop systems in common use or dedicated environments.

You can also make use of our handheld payment devices for passenger service agents. Our payment services provide a PCI DSS-compliant, simple to implement and manageable system that is based on strict but simple relations between customers, Materna and a payment service provider.

What makes us outstanding

  • Maximum passenger convenience as payment systems are integrated directly in the kiosks
  • Multi-airline payments at kiosks due to CUSS payment standard implementation
  • Best practice with chip-and-PIN-based credit card payment
  • One-stop-shop due to full service offering (kiosk hardware and software, payment integration)

Kiosk, Web, Mobile