Check-in: Web

With our Web Check-in application, airlines reduce your configuration and administration effort, as it is uniformly based on the same set of rules for kiosk, web or mobile check-in.

Flexible use and easy integration

Web check-in allows passengers to check-in, provide APIS data, select seats, and to print their boarding pass and bagagge tags at home in their familiar ambience. Depending on the backend system capabilities, the accessible check-in application offers various options for all steps of the check-in process.


Once they have completed their check-in process successfully, passengers may choose to print out their boarding pass or receive it on their mobile phone or as an e-mail.

Easy to use for passengers

  • Seat change
  • Print boarding pass
  • Home printed bag tags and E-Tags
  • Frequent flyer information
  • APIS Data input

More flexibility

  • Flexible branding
  • Passenger groups
  • APIS data collection