Simple, easy to use and intuitive

Materna ips check-in solutions are incredibly fast and allow your passengers to manage kiosk check-ins in a pleasingly short time. Our products are based on our certified CUSS platform and are fully compliant with the relevant IATA standards. This guarantees minimal integration effort, the shortest possible project durations and maximum interconnectivity to any other CUSS-based systems that might be in use at your airport. Besides kiosk check-in, we also deliver mobile and web check-in as well as counter solutions based on CUPPS and CUTE.

Our products are also ready to handle payment and biometric functions and can be provided with an onsite maintenance option.

What makes us outstanding

  • Space and cost savings due to multi-airline usage at the same kiosk (100% IATA CUSS standard compliance)
  • Maximum convenience for passengers due to flexible payment and biometric integration in the check-in process directly at the kiosk
  • Low failure risks due to the use of longlasting premium hardware components



Counter Solutions