Smart biometrics solutions for passenger identification

Increasing demands on safety and comfort in passenger handling promote the use of biometric techniques.

Our biometrics solutions

We see ourselves as an integrator for different types of biometrics solutions. Together with certain hardware partners we integrate solutions such as face recognition, fingerprint, iris identification or vein scanning according to customer requirement.

We provide airports and airlines with a fully integrated biometric solution for passenger identification.


Read more about how advanced the technology already is today
in the interview with biometry expert
Michael Overkämping.

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Biometrics on the move

Materna's technology provides a secure biometric enrolment where trusted documents like passports are used to verify and identify passengers against current pictures taken. Based on the secured enrolment passenger may pass other touchpoints without having to submit documents to prove their identity.

With the Materna solution “Biometrics on the move” passengers face recognition is activated automatically as soon as the passenger enters a defined area. The passenger only has to walk through at pre-security, lounge or self-boarding gate, or may receive a bag tag at self bag drop position. In any cases, no interaction with the biometric identification system is required. There is no need for stopping and waiting while biometric capture to work.


The end-to-end-solution helps to minimize passenger queues at certain touchpoints. It fills the gap between increasing security requirements concerning passenger identity verification and smooth passenger processing throughout the passenger journey from curbside until boarding.

The common biometric solution from Materna ips is based on biometric camera solutions from MODI such as facebar, on biometric enrolment and identification applications, the Materna CUSS platform, and its passenger touchpoint applications for check-in, bag drop, secured access and self-boarding.

Materna wins "Smartest Technology of the Year 2018" award

Materna is a long-time supplier for airports and airlines also for Middle East. For "Biometrics on the move", the Materna ips team was honored with the "Smartest Technology of the Year 2018" award at the Airport Show Dubai.

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Interview with Daniel Dunn, Materna, in "Future Airport"

More about our walk-through biometric solution, about security challenges and our approach to integrating biometrics into the existing infrastructure is explained in the interview with Daniel Dunn, Vice President Operations North America, Materna ips.

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Our Partner:

Modular Digits GmbH 
Smart biometrics: High throughput – maximum security

More flexibility

  • Solutions for biometrical identification: face, iris, finger print
  • Different hardware options

Easy to use for passengers

  • Certain touch points: check-in, bag drop, lounge access, self-boarding