Drop your bag off in less than 30 seconds

With a baggage drop-off time of less than 30 seconds, our self bag drop solutions for airlines, airports and ground handlers allow passengers to enjoy a maximum of comfort and to gain lots of time. As a pioneer in self-service baggage drop-off we have continuously improved our systems and are the proud provider of the world’s largest automated bag-drop installation at London Gatwick Airport. Our systems are extremely flexible: they can even handle groups of passengers as well as providing built-in payment services for excess baggage.

Our self bag drop solutions are CUSS- and CUWS-compliant (IATA RP 1701f and RP 1741) and support multiple airline departure control systems (DCS). We support all options for onestep and two-step baggage processing (kiosk, retrofit and off-airport).

What makes us outstanding

  • Lowest possible maintenance effort due to the large paper stocks for boarding cards and bag tags
  • Space and cost savings due to multi-airline usage on the same kiosk (100% IATA CUSS and CUWS standard compliance)
  • Hassle-free excess baggage handling because of the built-in payment function
  • Waste-free and incredibly quick bag tag attachment processes due to compatibility with linerless bag tags

Self Bag Drop

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