Secure Access and Lounge Access

Our solutions provide safe access to various kinds of secure areas in airport environments.

Secure Access and Lounge Access for more safety

Secure access and lounge access offer a reliable, fast and convenient access to airport security areas for passengers and staff. The solution combines fully automated and manual access checkpoints. When passengers pass from landside to airside, the software checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database.


The solution’s flexible boarding pass scanner can read all kinds of paper and electronic boarding pass formats as well as passports, ID cards and vouchers.

Our system provides passenger tracking and additional information, statistics, peak times, passenger’s location etc. For the convenience of passengers, the application also displays the walking time to their gate or any gate changes.

Easy to use for passengers

  • Secure access to various areas
  • Check boarding pass validity
  • Check validity against flight table

More flexibility

  • Create airside passenger lists
  • Provide additional information to passengers like walking time information
  • Single- or multi-lane gates


  • Avoid misuse of boarding passes
  • Avoid multiple access using copies of the same boarding pass