With self-boarding you can optimize the boarding process significantly. Our self-boarding gates just interact with the airline-specific applications on the AEA standard. Thus, no more adaptations are required to maintain the airline applications

Fast boarding processes lead to more efficiency

Our self-boarding gates offer completely automated aircraft boarding. The boarding process can be speeded up significantly using quick and secure gates.

After successfully reading the passenger´s boarding pass, automatic doors give access to the aircraft. Passengers benefit from increased convenience and reduced time while boarding. Airline and airport staff can then spend more time on passengers needing assistance.


Our self-boarding application can easily be integrated into the airport infrastructure and can provide passenger information that is needed for a boarding application. If required, the solution can also be equipped with a biometric identification solution, such as face recognition.

Self-boarding gate is certified for CUTE and CUPPS environments.

More flexibility

  • Avoid multiple access, tailgating and misuse

Easy integration

  • Integration into CUTE / CUPPS environments
  • ARINC certified
  • SITA certified
  • AEA standard