Best mix of security and convenience

Our access solutions offer a reliable, fast and convenient access to airport security areas for passengers and staff. We provide certified single or multi-line gates for the following:

When passengers pass from landside to airside, our software checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database.

Our solution allows secure access to specific areas, such as lounge access. Boarding pass validity and validity corresponding to flight times are also checked.

Our self-boarding gates interact with the airlinespecific applications based on AEA criteria. No more adaptations to the airline applications are required.

What makes us outstanding

  • Full usage transparency via a dashboard with numerous reports and statistics
  • Improved security by avoiding multiple access, tailgating and misuse - biometric functions available as an additional security feature
  • More convenience for passengers due to mobile reception of additional information such as estimated walking times to the gates
  • More flexibility through the creation of airside passenger lists