Solution concepts in virtual reality –
save time and costs

Solution concepts and virtual reality demos for airport and airlines

Consulting and concept design. We help airports and airlines with individually customized concepts for products and designs. We also focus on process optimization and added security. We deploy our best practices to improve your passenger handling and adapt them to suit your requirements appropriately (right sizing). To ensure we can advise our customers even better during the offer phase and in projects, we can also provide the option

of creating a computer-generated simulation of a three dimensional image or environment. This is where we can rely on the specialist expertise of the Materna Group. VR and AR experts (from Materna TMT) create demos for us to showcase all the requirements of airports and airlines. For example, VR demos can be used for product presentations, staff training or to help with maintenance and design.

Your benefits

Saves time and costs

Easy to transport and space saving

Easy to customize

An interactive user experience

View our product presentation in virtual reality

Many use cases for airports and airlines

Airport solutions and airport scenarios can easily be developed in a cost-efficient and space-saving way. Different possibilities can be visualized quickly, which saves resources as well. Space-saving and cost-efficient prototyping is especially advantageous when it comes to developing larger, more complex projects such as check-in and bag drop systems.

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