Training and certification -
for top quality staff

Staff training for administrators, operators and support staff

We deliver comprehensive training programmes for our solutions and installations especially designed for system administrators/system operators and support staff. You can benefit directly from our engineers’ expertise and many years of experience. They run workshops and coaching sessions to give you the knowledge you need to operate your systems without our help.

From their daily work with our solutions our engineers have practical knowledge they can share with your staff. Having experienced numerous situations over the years they can provide deep insight on how to provide solutions under any given circumstances. Along with the theoretical background you will benefit from profound practical knowledge which will turn any training into an exciting experience.

Your benefits

Operational independence and flexibility

An expert insight and overview of your newly installed technology and new IT environment

Train-the-trainer concept enables you to carry out further training programmes yourselves

Qualified support staff leads to better customer service


We offer to certify airline applications on the Materna CUSS platform and UltraCUSE5. Our certification lab provides you with a professional working environment with CUSS kiosks and CUTE/CUPPS workplaces. Certification is carried out in-house or remotely by our experienced engineers.

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