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 Full service self bag drop

From standard series to modular systems. With a baggage drop-off time of less than 30 seconds, our self bag drop solutions for airlines, airports and groundhandlers allow passengers to enjoy a maximum of flexibiliy and convenience and to save lots of time as well. As a pioneer in self-service baggage drop-off we have continuously improved our systems and are the proud provider of Europe´s largest automated bag-drop installation at London Gatwick Airport.

Our systems are extremely flexible: they can even handle groups of passengers and provide built-in payment services for excess baggage. Our self-bag-drop solutions are CUSS- and CUWS-compliant (IATA RP 1706c and RP 1741) and support multiple airline departure control systems (DCS). We support all options for one- and two-step baggage processing (kiosk, retrofit and off-airport) and offer our customers a huge variety of solutions from our standard series as well as our modular construction system.

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Self bag drop solutions

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Greenfield SBD solutions

Whenever airports expand, restructure or build new terminals they benefit from our Greenfield Solutions. Our standard series provides fully automated kiosk systems which can be integrated into existing infrastructure or be used in brand new terminals. Equipped with modern technology and components they fulfill the highest security and design requirements.

Flex.Go series

Our Flex.Go system offers quick and easy self-service, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process with no queues at the terminal.

The modular concept of Flex.Go allows multiple options to integrate the systems into existing infrastructure and offer technologies such as biometrics, RFID and payment. Flexible monitor size, design and printer options, customizable input devices or a hybrid version for optional agent mode – we adapt this self bag drop system exactly to your needs.

Various unit options

Flex.Go – a solution with various options

Flex.Go offers single or double units as side-loaders or frontloaders either as stand-alone or integrated systems. We can deliver nearly every size of conveyor with flexible belt-widths and lengths. Due to its very compact dimensions, Flex.Go occupies only a very small footprint. The Flex.Go will be delivered with a 15“touchscreen (standard) or with a 19“touchscreen. Up to three printers allow the self bag drop to be used for both 1-step and 2-step processing.

Customizable input devices

Customizable input devices – from document scanner to biometrics

Depending on each customer`s requirements, we integrate customized features such as

  • passport-/boarding pass scanner
  • ADA-navigation pad
  • RFID scanner/ printer
  • Linerless bag tag printer
  • payment functions (card reader, pin-pad, NFC)
  • biometrics integration
Optional design

Flex.Go – designed to meet your needs

Materials and colors are customizable according to customer requirements. Some of the available design options:

  • powder coated steel (standard)
  • stainless steel
  • colored glass
  • wood look

Flex.Go – A modular self bag drop system

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Pax.Go family

Our Pax.Go series includes kiosk versions to meet individual airport requirements.

The kiosks we offer are solid and robust systems for handling both check-in and self-bag-drop with the highest possible technology standards. Pax.Go kiosks are available with completely customizable color schemes. With integrated components for reading, scanning and printing they are industry grade solutions for continuous operation.

Retrofit SBD solutions

When airports and airlines want to use existing check-in counters for self-bag-drop we can offer a variety of retrofit solutions to handle quick and easy baggage drop-off. These systems are easy to fit and are perfectly suited to the airport environment.

Drop.Go series

Our Drop.Go series provides freestanding self-service bag-drop systems for quick and easy one or two-step processes with optional printing. The solutions are easy to fit and integrate into existing check-in counters without making any changes to existing hardware installations and are equipped with an intuitive application and touch display.

Drop.Go (A)

Freestanding self-service bag-drop for quick and easy two-step processes. Passengers print out their bag-tags at a check-in kiosk before they use the Drop.Go station to drop off their luggage. It consists of easily fitted self-service stations to add to existing check-in counters. Here, the passenger just scans the bag tag and the bag is ready to go. More than 10 million bags have already been checked in using this Drop.Go (A) version.

Drop.Go (B)

Freestanding two-step self-service bag-drop with integrated printers to print out bag-tags. This solution can be fitted quickly and easily to provide self-service stations at existing check-in counters. It is equipped with printers and hand scanners.

Drop.Go (C)

The smallest version for self-service bag-drop. With a light and transparent design Drop.Go (C) has been developed for 2-step processes and can easily be mounted on existing check-in counters without any changes to hardware installations. Passengers who have already printed out their bag-tags use the hand scanner to read their tags and take just a few seconds to drop off their luggage.

Bag tag solution

More and more passengers are checking in before they even arrive at the airport. Following the two-step approach in our automated baggage handling process, passengers then just need to print out their bag tag at one of our bag tag machines before dropping off their luggage. This helps the airport to reduce queues and improve passenger comfort.

Tag.Go B

Our Tag.Go kiosk is an easy to use two-step solution.

Passengers simply scan their boarding pass and print their bag tags. The hardware solution (scanners and printers) can be customized to suit the airport´s needs. It offers storage space for bag tag rolls and a waste bin. Its small footprint also means Tag.Go is easy to integrate into any airport environment.

Tag.Go B

Bag tag application

Quick and easy to use – we deliver a bag tag application that runs on our Tag.Go solution.

Depending on the airport´s needs the application can be supplied for different Materna hardware as well as for third-party systems.


Biometric Solutions


Common Use software

Supporting Tools

From concept to go-live

VR Testing

With the possibility to test products in advance using VR, and to create concepts for integrating them in airports, we are pleased to offer airports and airlines with a special user experience and effective prototyping.

Production & Assembly

Materna IPS is your provider for intelligent passenger solutions. We deliver software and hardware all from one source. We work with established and reliable partners around the world. Behind the scenes:


Intelligent Passenger Solutions help to make passenger handling more efficient and to increase the capacity utilization of resources for airports and airlines. Renowned international customers have already put their trust in our expertise.

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