RFID - effective baggage tracking technology for
airlines and airports

How RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology makes baggage handling safer

RFID streamlines real time baggage tracking and therefore ensures that it can be easily identified. Airlines and airports implementing this technology can dramatically reduce their numbers of lost or misrouted bags. By improving baggage handling operations, airlines and airports meet the needs of passengers for real time baggage information and comply with IATA

resolution 753. RFID technology ensures efficient luggage tracking at all touchpoints – from drop-off to delivery. Depending on the customer’s individual requirements, Materna IPS offers a wide range of implementation options as well.

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safe baggage handling process

high compatibility

optimal baggage tracking via RFID

Integrated RFID technology for self bag drop

We already have several years of experience in using RFID technology in the area of ​​automated baggage handling. All Materna IPS self bag drop solutions are based on IATA standards and can be equipped with technologies such as payment, biometrics or RFID.

The Materna IPS self-service solutions for automated baggage handling do not only print RFID bag tags but also integrate RFID readers to identify baggage at the drop-off positions.


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