Our customer references

Success stories from airports and airlines

Many of the top airlines and most important airports in Europe, North America, the Middle East and India are already putting their trust in our solutions. Our long-term international customers include airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, EasyJet, and Eurowings as well as many airports such as Hamburg, London Gatwick, Vienna, Athens, Copenhagen, Oslo, Montréal,

Toronto Pearson, Denver, Bangalore, and airport operators Swedavia, Finavia, Avinor and ACSA. At Bengaluru Airport we have installed the first automated baggage drop-off system in India. In Europe we have also recently gained Zurich Airport and Barcelona Airport as new customers.

Self Bag Drop Solution – Great Hall Denver Int. Airport

Materna is particularly proud to be implementing the world’s largest ever self-bag-drop project in the context of refurbishing the Great Hall at Denver International Airport.

What our customers say

The solution from Materna fulfilled our requirements, such as for ease of use, very well indeed. Materna also delivers great cost effectiveness.

Lena Rökaas

Head of Operations


We are extremely pleased to have Materna on board, as we work together so well.

Gavin Jackson

Project Leader Check-in transformation

London Gatwick Airport

We have had some amazing customer reactions. People are excited to take care of their own bags. And even though we are still in the initial phase of the project we already see the benefits.

Richard Hayward

Manager Customer Service

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Many of our passengers have already discovered the benefits of the kiosks for themselves and given us very positive feedback. We have hardly encountered any technical anxiety on the part of our passengers. The system is straightforward and self-explanatory.

Johannes Scharnberg

Director of Aviation

Hamburg Airport

Project impressions

Self bag drop installation Montréal Airport, Canada

A total of 16 self bag drop kiosks have been in operation at YUL since November 2018 delivered by Materna ips with also providing operational support for the next three years.

Self bag drop installation Bengaluru Airport, India

Just 45 seconds! This will be the time taken to complete your baggage check-in at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. The use of 16 fully-automated self bag drop machines speeds up accelerate the baggage transaction significantly and reduce check-in queues.

Self bag drop solutions at Airport Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Airport has taken a pioneering role in the deployment of self-service systems in Germany. The first “self bag drop” kiosks were introduced here in 2014. Since November 2017 the airport has launched the next generation of self-service for their passengers, with a new, fully automated bag drop in Terminal 1.

Self bag drop installation at Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada

Materna`s self-service bag drop solution as part of Toronto Pearson’s improvements allows airlines to automate the bag drop process for already checked-in passengers. By allowing passengers of different airlines to check in their luggage autonomously, the airport can significantly improve its passenger handling.

Lufthansa self bag drop in Munich, Germany

For Lufthansa, we have installed numerous self bag drop systems: in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bologna. In addition, the airport uses the Materna ips CUSS platform and check-in application, hosting, CUWS cloud platform, on-site airport maintenance, mobile encashment and Virtual reality simulation.

Self bag drop systems Vienna International Airport, Austria

At Airport Vienna, Materna has already installed 46 Drop.Go for self bag drops, 12 retrofit self bag drop systems, 60 kiosks and check-in applications. In addition we deliver software and services like administration, management and remote services.

Check-in system at Swedavia Swedish Airport Stockholm

On behalf of the Swedish airport operator Swedavia, we have equipped airports all over Sweden with a total of 190 self-bag drop units and more than 100 automatic gates. 10 Swedish airports were also equipped with check-in kiosks.