Smart payment for airports and airlines –
quick and easy to use

Benefit from integrated payment solutions

Quick and easy payment. Searching for payment counters at airports to pay additional charges can be time-consuming and annoying, especially on a busy day at the airport. Simplify your passengers’ journey with our integrated payment systems. Passengers can pay any additional charges regarding their flights directly at the point of request.

Equipped with an integrated payment function, our check-in or bag drop kiosks provide quick and easy-to-use services. If passengers have excess baggage or want to upgrade their flight, they do not have to waste their time searching for a payment counter.

Your benefits

Easy integration

Maximum passenger convenience

Chip-and-pin-based credit card payment

Flexible payment: web or mobile

Single airline use or multiple airline use

Compliant with PCI DSS and CUSS 1.3


Payment services for check-in and bag drop

Our payment services provide a payment system which supports airport and airline applications on our operating devices such as check-in kiosks or self-service bag drop systems in common use or dedicated environments.
The payment services we offer are also PCI DSS-compliant and include a manageable system that is based on strict but simple relations between customers, Materna and a payment service provider.

Touchless Payment Process

The process is well integrated in the passenger journey and therefore a convenient technology that also works entirely touchless compared to traditional payment methods. By simply scanning the displayed QR-code with their smartphones, passengers then open the URL with their mobile browser. After selecting the desired payment provider, passengers just verify the amount and authorize the payment for the applicable fee such as excess baggage weight.

Using Smart Payment will not only make the passenger journey more seamless than ever, but also safer by eliminating physical interaction with potentially contaminated surfaces.


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Common Use Self Service

From concept to go-live

VR Testing

With the possibility to test products in advance using VR, and to create concepts for integrating them in airports, we are pleased to offer airports and airlines a special user experience and effective prototyping.

Production & Assembly

Materna IPS is your provider for intelligent passenger solutions. We deliver software and hardware all from one source. We work with established and reliable partners around the world.


Intelligent passenger solutions help to make passenger handling more efficient and to increase the capacity utilization of resources for airports and airlines. Renowned international customers have already put their trust in our expertise.

Your contact

Joachim Schwärmer

Product Management
Materna IPS GmbH