Welcome to our virtual PTE journey

Do you think about making your passenger´s journey more efficient? Are you interested in automated baggage handling? Even if the Passenger Terminal Expo 2020 in Paris does not take place because of COVID-19, we would like to share our event news with you here. And we hope to meet you next year at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam.

Get to know our brand-new self-service innovations

Last year we worked all out on new and ongoing product development for airports and airlines and on focusing our expertise in the field of Common Use Self-Service. This enables us to react to the increasing demands of the aviation industry market and to deploy technologies such as RFID and facial identification. With our new product Flex.Go we can fulfill all individual airports and airlines needs and security requirements precisely with integrated intrusion or tub detection as well as payment and biometrics solutions.

Virtual PTE journey

Unfortunately, we are not able to meet you at the PTE in person this year, so we have decided to show you our PTE highlights here in virtual form. We would like to share our brand new presentations with you!

Our conference contribution: Get to know more about the basics of self bag drop and the advantages of Biometric ID-Check as presented by our aviation experts from the UK and North America.

Find the virtual presentations here

Product launch

NEW: Flex.Go for automated bag drop

The highlight of our exhibitor booth: our new Flex.Go kiosk. Thanks to its modular approach, this flexible solution offers multiple options for simplifying the bag drop process at the airport terminal. It is the only system that gives customers a real choice. The various options include single and double units as well as hybrid versions.

Find out more about the Flex.Go series:

Virtual presentations

Presentation 1 “Self Bag Drop – a beginners guide”

Declan Austin

Materna IPS UK

Senior Manager Airport Solutions

Presentation 2 “Contactless Biometrics for Improved Passenger Solutions”

Heather Shaver

Materna IPS US

Aviation Solutions Manager
North America

Virtual Airport tour

Try out the Virtual Airport tour

Experience our products live and in virtual reality in an online exhibition tour – from check-in and self bag drop through to boarding – with biometric facial recognition and payment integration of course.

If you wish we can create your preferred solution in your own personal VR environment.

See you next year at Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam!