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PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 11, 15
First airport in India introduces fully automated bag-drop system implemented by Materna Just 45 seconds! This will be t...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 10, 26
Materna expands international business Dortmund, 26. October 2018. After successful installations in Europe and North Am...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 09, 12
  Major project for Self-Bag-Drop at Denver International Airport has started with Materna In the area of self-bag-...more >
Dortmund, 2018, 07, 18
Future Airport talks to our vice-president for operations in North America about the Materna’s walk-through biomet...more >
Dortmund, 2018, 07, 17
Our exclusive product designer Marcus Pedersen has been nominated with the Materna Air.Go 2.0 for the German Design Awar...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 06, 22
Materna IPS has implemented a self-bag-drop project for TUI The airline TUI won three awards at the Real IT Awards (RITA...more >
Dortmund, 2018, 05, 11
  “Biometrics on the move” from Materna ips was chosen for the technology award which was awarded during the Ai...more >
Dortmund, 2018, 04, 27
Thorsten Linke, Product Manager for software applications and IT solutions in the common use environment at Materna, tal...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 03, 19
Materna, in partnership with MODI, is excited to be participating in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Biometric...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 03, 07
Materna will be presenting versatile solutions for airports and airlines Dortmund, 07 March 2018 Materna Integrated Pass...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2018, 01, 23
Press Release 23 January, 2018   The quick and flexible way to get off to departure: ten easy-to-use, self-explanat...more >
Dortmund, 2017, 12, 06
Topics, trends and technologies for simplifying passenger and baggage handling: With Cologne Cathedral right on the door...more >
Dortmund, 2017, 09, 27
Materna expands its self-service bag drop portfolio and launches the brand new Drop.Go model for a very easy counter mou...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2017, 05, 16
The Materna Group, a globally active IT company and supplier of software and hardware solutions for automated passenger ...more >
Dortmund, 2017, 04, 13
...more >
PRESS RELEASE, Dortmund, 2017, 03, 14
“Customers are crying out for vendor relationships they trust to support their complex airport operations“ Mancheste...more >
Dortmund, 2016, 12, 13
New subsidiary opened in Toronto. The market leader for self bag drop solutions Materna GmbH expands its aviation busine...more >
Dortmund, 2016, 08, 30
...more >
Dortmund, 2016, 05, 11
Air.Go with new product design: The passenger journey just got a whole lot better At this year’s IATA Ground Handling ...more >