Mopa Airport deploys automatic baggage handling system from Materna IPS

Manohar International Airport (GOX Airport) in Mopa is the fixed point of national and international tourist traffic in the entire Indian state of Goa. Despite the increasing passenger volume of up to 12 million travelers per year in the future, GOX Airport always wants to offer its visitors the best possible travel experience. In order to continue to guarantee this level of passenger comfort, the airport commissioned German supplier Materna IPS to provide its innovative self bag drop (SBD) solution.  

SBDs are connected to IPS CUSS platform  

Materna IPS has installed a total of four Flex.Gos at GOX Airport. Each of the innovative two-step process baggage handling systems is equipped with shutter doors as well as tub dispensers.  

All automated baggage handling systems are connected to the IPS CUSS platform based on IATA Recommended Practice 1706c (Common Use Self Service). The main purpose of a CUSS platform is to separate applications from direct access to peripheral devices. CUSS provides a runtime environment with standardized interfaces to access and control peripheral devices in a kiosk. The benefit of this standard is the re-usability of any CUSS compliant application, which allows it to be used on CUSS kiosks from any vendor.  
Passengers traveling with Indigo or Vistara can use the SBD now.   

”Airports in India are rapidly deploying Self Service Technologies as a strategy to improve passenger experience by eliminating operational inefficiencies. Our Self Bag Drop are paying off for passengers and their experience at Goa Airport,” says Kiran Kumar, Director Sales, Materna IPS India.  

By using the self-service systems, GOX Airport is one step closer to optimizing the tourism economy in the Goa region. In addition, its ambition as a nationally and internationally growing airport will be further strengthened. Materna IPS is proud to be a part of this exciting project and is expanding its role in the Indian market.  

About Materna IPS 

Materna IPS (Intelligent Passenger Solutions) is one of the most renowned suppliers for airports and airlines worldwide, providing solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. The company’s range of services includes hardware and software implementations as well as service and maintenance. Its international offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, and India enable Materna IPS to provide its customers with individual support and to respond quickly and professionally to market requirements. Materna IPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materna Information & Communications SE based in Germany. 

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