Materna IPS is part of the “terminal.0” project at HANEDA INNOVATION CITY

Haneda Airport in Tokyo (HND) is recognized worldwide for its progressiveness and excellent service. In 2023, the airport was ranked as the second-best in Asia and third globally. In order to further improve these high standards and to be considered the best airport in the world in the future, the research and development project “terminal.0 HANEDA” was launched.

The aim of this cross-industry initiative is to optimize the entire airport experience at HND and in Japan. This is achieved through the development and implementation of innovative technologies and concepts. The “terminal 0” was inaugurated on February 28, 2024, in the HICTIY (HANEDA INNOVATION CITY) and is expected to provide significant insights by 2026. The airport will then decide which of the solutions on display will be used in the long term. HND is also explicitly inviting other airports and airlines to test the technologies on show.

The German airport supplier Materna IPS together with its Japanese partner Toyo Kanetsu is also participating in the project as an exhibitor, showcasing its Flex.Kiosk 4D and Flex.Kiosk solutions for more efficient passenger and baggage handling. The Flex.Kiosk 4D offers bag tagging functionality combined with a full conveyability check. Utilizing high-resolution industrial cameras and innovative detection logic, it ensures reliable baggage volume measurements, classification, and multiple bag detection. The Flex.Kiosk, like the Flex.Kiosk 4D, is based on the Flex.Go self bag drop series, offering maximum versatility. Depending on the customer’s preferred setup, it guarantees seamless passenger handling, serving as either a check-in kiosk or a tagging machine.

Materna IPS is proud to be part of the “terminal.0 HANEDA” initiative and support the airport in achieving its ambitious future goals with our innovative self-service solutions.