Materna IPS installs self-service systems in Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is located in the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. The airport is known for its forward-thinking strategy, as it was the first airport in India to introduce e-boarding in 2015. It has also been ranked by AirHelp as one of the top 10 airports in the world. 

In order to enhance the travel experience for their passengers even more, HYD chose the German provider Materna IPS to integrate over 50 self-service systems. So far, a total of 62 units have been delivered, of which 14 have been commissioned and the remainder are being commissioned at present after receiving site clearance. The first airlines to offer the new technology to their passengers are IndiGo and Air Vistara. 

Latest technology for a smooth passenger journey 

The self-service kiosks follow a modular approach and can be aligned to the airport’s individual requirements. To reduce waiting times, HYD decided to follow the 2-step process in which the baggage drop off is separated into two different steps. For a secure and smooth bag drop, the self-service systems are equipped with tub dispensers and shutter doors. Built-in scanners identify each piece of baggage that needs to be placed in a tub before entering the airport’s baggage handling system (BHS). As a result, passengers will be instructed by the SBD application to use a tub for bulky bags or strollers. The tubs can be found right next to the SBD (self bag drop) for easy access. The shutter doors separate the collector belt from the insertion and verification belts and make sure that only approved luggage enters the BHS. 

“With this major project, Materna IPS is expanding its business activities in the Indian market and at the same time underlining the importance of self-service solutions for smooth baggage handling, especially in times of increasing passenger numbers reaching all-time peaks”, says Dr. Georg Oschmann, Managing Director of Materna IPS.    

About Materna IPS 

Materna IPS (Intelligent Passenger Solutions) is one of the most renowned suppliers for airports and airlines worldwide, providing solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. The company’s range of services includes hardware and software implementations as well as service and maintenance. Its international offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, and India enable Materna IPS to provide its customers with individual support and to respond quickly and professionally to market requirements. Materna IPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materna Information & Communications SE based in Germany. 

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