Materna IPS installs two-step SBD system at Indira Gandhi International Airport

As India’s largest airport, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (DEL Airport) is a major hub for the country and the whole of South Asia. In order to cope with the increasing passenger traffic in the future, DEL Airport will be expanded and modernized by 2026. With the aim of improving the travel experience, the airport decided to incorporate the latest passenger handling technology into this development. 

Two-step process at Terminal 1 and 3  

The German supplier Materna IPS has been commissioned by the airport to install its innovative Flex.Go baggage handling system at Terminals 1 (T1) and 3 (T3). At T3, passengers can now use 14 fully automated self bag drops (SBD). A total of 36 SBDs are now scheduled to be installed at T1, of which 15 are already operating and 21 remain to be installed awaiting site clearance. All systems are equipped with shutter doors and tub dispensers and are linked to the IPS CUSS platform. 

The registration of luggage is based on the user-friendly two-step process. In the first step, travelers, who haven’t check-in in already, can check in at a self-service kiosk by identifying themselves with their ID. After successful identification, passengers receive their boarding pass. This is followed by the second step, where the passengers move to the self bag drop systems provided by Materna and scan their boarding pass to receive the desired number of bag tags. After attaching the bag tags, the bags are successfully dropped off. The advantage of this procedure lies primarily in the faster process time since check-in and baggage drop-off are separated from one another. This leads to shorter queues in front of the baggage claim area. 

The Flex.Go systems can be used by passengers traveling with Indigo, Vistara, Air India, British Airways, Air France as well as KLM Royal Dutch. 

Shibu Mathews, Managing Director, Materna IPS India says: “Giving passengers the ability to control their time and service interactions should be a priority for airports of the future. The Self Bag Drop solution is a technology offering the possibility to reduce the time spent at counters when dropping a bag.” 

With the installation of the self-service solutions, DEL Airport underlines its ambitions to further increase its importance for international air traffic. Materna IPS is proud to support the airport in this goal and to further strengthen its own position in the Indian market through this project. 

About Materna IPS 

Materna IPS (Intelligent Passenger Solutions) is one of the most renowned suppliers for airports and airlines worldwide, providing solutions for automated passenger handling at airports. The company’s range of services includes hardware and software implementations as well as service and maintenance. Its international offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, and India enable Materna IPS to provide its customers with individual support and to respond quickly and professionally to market requirements. Materna IPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Materna Information & Communications SE based in Germany. 

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