Future of Data Exchange: These are the advantages of CUWS


Future of Data Exchange: These are the advantages of CUWS

The aviation industry is a sector that is constantly evolving and striving for progress, where above all the service at airports is always improving. Accordingly, airports and airlines are looking for ways to offer a better travel experience to their passengers. CUWS is a technology that drives further development and promises such service improvements.

The purpose of Common Use Web Services (CUWS) is to standardize data exchange between Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) bag drop and Departure Control Systems (DCS) using web service technology. The cloud-based platform allows airlines to access and use a single set of IT resources. Thus, CUWS, like the Materna IPS solution IPS.Connect, simplifies airport operations as airlines no longer need to build and maintain their own airport IT infrastructure.

As a strategic partner of IATA, Materna IPS is actively involved in defining such standards. The first implementations of the CUWS standard focus on Self-Service Bag Drop. However, it is possible to be extended CUWS to cover multiple other passenger touchpoints. Currently, IATA is working on the CUWS 2.0 standard.

Plenty of benefits for airports and airlines

Through operational simplifications resulting  from implementing IATA CUWS standards, airports as well as airlines have many advantages.

First of all, CUWS eliminates the need for airlines to  provide their own hardware and software systems at the airport.  This leads to cost reductions in both, the initial set up and ongoing operational expenses.

Another main advantage of CUWS is a seamless and easy integration. Various passenger touchpoints at airports are integrated by reusing an identical interface. This is not only the case for self bag drop but also for other services such as check-in, security and boarding. As a result, the time-to-market for the selfservices is significantly reduced and airlines can focus more on their core business.

The use of CUWS allows a central configuration, which provides efficient management and monitoring. Materna’s IPS.Connect provides this with the IPS DataManager that visualizes all passenger touchpoints in an easy to use dashboard.

Ready to take off with IPS.Connect

Materna IPS with its CUWS solution IPS.Connect allows new and enhanced services at all passenger touchpoints, including biometric- and payment options. By providing standardized interfaces it enables secure data exchange between different systems, improves passenger experience, and allows airlines and airports to operate more efficiently.