Flex.Beam – Automatic Scanner Solution

The newly developed Flex.Beam is the perfect way to extend retrofit SBD installations by adding automated scanning functions for both baggage and bag tags.

Flex.Beam comes with a slim housing which is mounted at a height of approximately 2 meters above the conveyor belt ensuring perfect access to the baggage conveyor system. It uses a total of four high-resolution industrial cameras to detect objects. Two single cameras, one on each side of the housing, are responsible for detecting barcodes on bag tags. An additional stereo camera setup is located in the center of the unit. These stereo cameras take two images of the baggage item simultaneously, both from slightly different angles, to obtain depth information.

Utilizing its innovative detection logic, the Flex.Beam not only reliably detects bag tags but also provides advanced conveyability checks comprising baggage volume checks and classification, multiple bag detection and tub detection. It is also capable of reporting user interference during the baggage check-in process. All in all, Flex.Beam is an optimal add-on solution for customers using SBD’s which do not yet have automatic scan functions.

Flex.Beam - the automatic baggage scanner solution by Materna IPS