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The aviation industry is a global network of airports, airlines, ground handling companies and suppliers that operates on a common ground defined by international standards. To discuss the latest trends in aviation as well as challenges and technologies, representatives of each group come together at different events and exhibitions every year to exchange their knowledge.

As a global player in this industry, we take part in a variety of conferences around the world to meet as many of our customers and partners as possible and share our experiences with Common Use Self-Service check-in and bag drop systems, CUPPS, biometrics, payment solutions and many other topics.

Would you like to meet us at industry events? These are some of the places where we will be in 2024

World Aviation Festival

8 – 10 October 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Embark on a journey into the future of aviation at the World Aviation Festival – where innovation meets inspiration. As the world’s largest aviation tech event, CEOs from airlines, airports, and tech pioneers provide insights into the next frontier of aviation.

Visit Booth 5.132 at the World Aviation Festival in Amsterdam to explore Materna IPS’s latest airport technology solutions. It will be an excellent occasion for us to engage in meaningful discussions about topics like digitalization and innovation within the aviation industry.

Materna IPS Aviation Forum

5 – 6 November 2024, Dusseldorf, Germany

This year our annual conference for customers and partners, the Materna IPS Aviation Forum, will take place in Dusseldorf. Let´s come together and talk about the topics and trends that are currently moving the aviation industry.

For the first time, the Aviation Forum will include breakout sessions focused on six key topics for you to choose from. These sessions will cover both the fundamentals and current, relevant use cases. Each user group will be led by an industry expert, ensuring a rich and insightful discussion. As always, we’d like to invite our guests to network, exchange ideas and build new relationships.


We appreciate meeting you in person at various opportunities around the world! Our local teams attend events and trade shows worldwide to connect with our partners and customers and expand our network by forming new relationships.

Materna IPS Aviation Forum 2023 – Impressions

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