IPS Connect –
the Materna IPS CUWS solution

CUWS provides a standard for data exchange

The purpose of Common Use Web Services (CUWS) is to standardize data exchange between Common Use self-service bag drop and Departure Control Systems using web service technology. This standardized interface between parties can be reused by both the service provider and the end user consumer (i.e. the airport/airline) and therefore makes its use cost efficient. It entails not only low initial costs but also low overall operation costs. High service availability and stability is achieved through redundant production systems and traffic is distributed using load balancingLoad balancers also allow services simply being switched off when not needed or switched on and upscaled when the demand increases.

Implementing an IPS CUWS solution allows airports and airlines to operate not only Materna IPS self bag drop but also bag drop clients of other vendors, which often require a CUWS interface for their operation. 

IPS Connect also creates a remarkable independence from Departure Control System providers because smaller changes to the service usually do not require the involvement of the DCS providers. It enables a quick service setup, since no or only a few additional hardware interfaces are required. 

Your benefits

Easy and smart client and DCS integration


Flexible and scalable

Multi-service and multi-client capable

IPS Connect provides a widely extended set of business rules that can be aligned to specific airline needs

With IPS Connect – the cloud-based IPS CUWS solution – we provide flexible and secure DCS connections to Materna IPS self-service clients as well as to third party clients.

IPS Connect moves towards a modern and flexible ‘on-demand’ approach where services can be installed, operated and maintained in ‘container-based architectures’. All configurations, rules and extended services are bundled in one location. Changes to business rules are quickly made in a central place and become valid for the whole network. This ensures network wide consistency for airline processes but also allows the flexibility of configuring these rules per airport.

In the near future and with the evolution of IATA One ID processes, IPS Connect will allow new and enhanced services throughout all passenger touchpoints supporting biometric options.

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Andreas Gehling

Product Management
Materna IPS GmbH

Email: andreas.gehling@materna.group