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Our experience in Common Use Software Solutions

Materna can draw on over 30 years’ experience in the aviation market to deliver the very best in design, functionality and project management to deliver the Common Use Solutions that are at the forefront of current technology.

We are the passenger solution software expert for airports and airlines.
With our vast experience, we cover all areas of common use solutions, from CUSS and CUPPS to CUWS and CU-Payments.

Your benefits

Provides a structured environment and standard interfaces for introducing new technologies

Single application that works on any vendor’s standard interface

Ensures product and service consistency through use at any airport including on- and off site

Reduced costs by simplifying development, installation, support and ongoing

Enables system changes to happen
fast and on time

Common Use solutions based on IATA standards

As a member of IATA, Materna plays a significant role in defining the common use standards (e.g. Common Use Self-Service) and since 2000 its Intelligent Passenger Solutions division has become a reliable partner for many customers. All our solutions are IATA v.1.4. compliant. And in line with the IATA One-Identity programme, we integrate biometric identification into our solutions.

Materna CUSS platforms & applications

Materna is well-known for the CUSS platform and application it has developed itself. The Common Use standard means multiple airlines can use the same hardware and benefit from easy application integration and certification.


CUSS (IATA Recommended Practice RP1706c)

Our CUSS platform and applications developed in-house have been proven in many self bag drop and check-in installations worldwide and can also be integrated in third-party hardware (IER, NCR, EMBROSS, …).


CUPPS (IATA Recommended Practice RP1797)

Materna uses ULTRA CUSE for CUTE/CUPPS solutions, which are IATA v.1.4. compliant, to offer a common use passenger processing service for airlines.


CUWS (IATA Recommended Practice RP1741)

Common Use Web Services is a software interface between a self bag drop application and a DCS. It does not define any hardware interfaces or layers and can easily be integrated in third party hardware.

SMART tool for monitoring

With our self-developed SMART tool, you can easily monitor your traffic numbers, upcoming maintenance requirements, failures, downtime or peak loads in our intuitive dashboard-based control center. So that you always know when to send out your technicians to do predictive maintenance or repairs.

Alternatively, you can also completely outsource all those tasks to us. We can help customers to manage and administer data, monitor and analyse the performance of their applications and transactions and can take care of on-site customer liaison and support.

More precisely, our certified cloud-based data center can host and monitor your applications 24/7 and enables our service team to take care of all your equipment out in the field.

 CUSS & CUPPS trainings and certification

We certify 3rd party applications for use on our platforms and provide appropriate training programmes
to airports, airlines, groundhandlers, and other partners for CUSS ans CUPPS.

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Andreas Gehling

Product Management
Materna IPS – The Aviation Brand of
Materna Information & Communications SE


Thorsten Linke

Product Management
Materna IPS – The Aviation Brand of
Materna Information & Communications SE