IPS Passenger –
the Materna IPS CUSS solution for airports and airlines

Our experience in the Common Use area

Automation and self-service are something we take for granted in our everyday life. With efficient solutions for this area, we can guarantee that the benefits of automation and self-service are a real advantage to you and your customers. 

Materna IPS draws on over 30 years of experience in the aviation market offering the very best solutions in design, functionality and project management in the Common Use area. As Common Use experts for airports and airlines we cover the complete range of Common Use Self-Services, from CUSS and CUPPS to CUWS and CU Payments. 

Your benefits

Provides a structured environment and standard interfaces for introducing new technologies

Single application that works on any vendor’s standard interface

Ensures product and service consistency through use at any airport including on- and off site

Reduced costs by simplifying development, installation, support and ongoing

Enables system changes to happen
fast and on time

Common Use Solutions compliant to IATA standards

As a longtime IATA registered supplier, Materna IPS plays a significant role in defining the Common Use standards (e.g. Common Use Self-Service). Since 2000 Materna IPS is a reliable partner for many customers in the aviation industry and a constant member of the CUSS – Technical Solutions Group.  Materna IPS is chairing the group since late 2017. All our solutions are compliant to the relevant IATA Resolutions and Recommended Practices.  

CUSS – Common Use Self-Service

Materna IPS kiosk and self-bag drop systems are based on the international Common Use Self-Service (CUSS, IATA RP 1706c) standard 

IPS Passenger provides a runtime environment with standardized interfaces to access and control peripheral devices in a kiosk. CUSS is a solution both for airlines and airports where airlines can use a single application to offer self-service check-in, bag tag printing and baggage drop off

in their dedicated environments, e.g. at their hubs, and in shared environments where the business case would not justify proprietary installations.  Materna IPS is well-known for in-house developed IPS CUSS platform and CUSS applications. Over the years the IPS CUSS platform has been integrated on hardware from IER, NCR and EMBROSS and IPS CUSS applications have proven their flexibility and reliability in many kiosk and self-bag drop installations worldwide. 


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