IPS Agent –
the Materna IPS CUPPS solution

CUPPS provides a framework for airlines to share equipment via high-level interface standard

An airport’s universal goal is to provide passengers with a free-flowing journey in a cost-efficient way. The Common Use Passenger Processing System offers asset optimization, greater flexibility and reduced passenger processing times. With IPS Agent – the Materna IPS CUPPS solution – we provide airports with capabilities of sharing the same equipment regardless of the airline. By offering a flexible, multi-access, common use platform for airport check-in counters, boarding gates, sales desks and back office positions, IPS Agent ensures integrity and usability and meets requirements of airports around the world.

CUPPS as the only agent facing common use standard, enables an airline to process passengers using the same application on any CUPPS provider’s platform, eliminating the need to maintain multiple terminal emulator applications and therefore reducing overall operating costs.

The system is fully scalable and can support any number of workstations distributed over local, airport campus, or wide area networks. It therefore offers great flexibility and agility in terms of its usage range.

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IPS Agent meets global guidelines based on ATA, ACI and IATA standards

CUPPS workstations operate independently of each other. Therefore, two workstations at the same gate counter can access two or more different hosts simultaneously. This multi-access offers an optimized utilization of the equipment. All user access is secured by authentication and authorization employing common industry best practices and the utilization of active directory. The solution consists of Windows-based thin client devices and a virtualized environment which reduces the need for on-site hardware equipment.

The Common Use Passenger Processing System by Materna IPS includes a console with a familiar user interface consistent with other Windows- or web-based tools. With such familiarity IPS Agent helps the system administrator to perform configuration and maintenance tasks quickly. Accessibility via the browser offers great flexibility, as it can be performed from any authorized workstations without the need for special components and applications.

Our references

CUTE – Common Use Terminal Equipment

The legacy CUTE environment is forerunner of the new CUPPS forward-looking environment and provides peripheral interface technologies that is supplier specific and largely incompatible. CUPPS on the other hand defines a high-level interface standard between applications and the platform. CUTE-compliant applications thus far remain the preferred operation method of many airlines.

However, the objective of Common Use Passenger Processing System to provide sharing capability across different passenger processing platforms is the desirable long-term goal. Therefore, the Materna IPS CUPPS solution provides great flexibility as it continues to support both CUPPS applications as well as CUTE legacy applications, concurrently.

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