Bergamo Airport: self bag drop changes from one-step to full two-step process

Our Drop.Go kiosks have been in action at Bergamo Airport in northern Italy since 2015. Ryanair has been using them there successfully ever since. Only 45 kilometers away from Milan, the airport is seeing a constant increase in passenger numbers, so they decided to expand on the service provided by this installation. The one-step solution deployed so far has now been extended to become a full two-step solution.

Materna has now supplied 9 new Tag.Go kiosks via their Italian partner, baggage handling system provider SIEMENS, so that passengers can now print out their own bag tags and attach them to their baggage as the first step in the process. In the second step of checking their bags in, passengers now just have to scan the bag as they hand it in at the kiosk. All this means that the existing Drop.Go kiosks now serve as a full-scale self bag drop solution. This speeds up processing times for checking in baggage considerably. Thanks to our flexible solutions, it was possible to transform the procedure easily with just a few tweaks to the software. In addition to Ryanair, Wizzair will soon be offering this two-step solution to their customers at Bergamo Airport too.