BCN starts biometric pilot project with Materna IPS

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport (BCN) starts biometric pilot project with Materna IPS. In cooperation with Aena Vueling, Indra, Easier, Idemia and Mobbeel, the airport’s first biometric passenger journey went live this month.

It’s the first time in Europe, that all steps to be carried out by the passenger are integrated in a single process, including the automated baggage check-in at the airport.

Back in 2018, Materna IPS started the SBD project with Aena that included the installation of several self bag drop systems at Barcelona Airport. Since then, the number increased up to 27 units that are in operation at BCN. As part of the biometric project, one of these SBD has now been equipped with our facial recognition software. Passengers can enroll in the biometric program through the Aena app or at kiosks at the airport, and they will be able to use biometrics in the Self Bag Drop, security control and boarding gate. To confirm the passenger’s identity, the camera integrated in the SBD scans the passenger’s face. The information is then sent to the biometric backend for verification in real time. After the successful authentication process, passengers can proceed with the bag drop process on their own.

The biometric integration allows a streamlined passengers process at the airport and guarantees a seamless travel experience with enhanced security. Especially in times where physical interaction should be eliminated at all costs, the automated process allows a safe journey while following strict hygiene standards.

We’re proud to continue our journey with Aena and are excited for the passenger’s first reactions to the new technology!