Materna Aviation Forum 2021

10th Materna Aviation Forum 16 - 17 November 2021 in Hamburg
It´s time to meet again!

Your registration

Register here and reserve your place at the 2-day Aviation Forum in Hamburg.
Participation in the Materna Aviation Forum is free of charge, but does not include your own travel expenses.

Please don´t forget to bring your vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or a current Covid test-certificate.

Corona tests must have been performed by medical service providers (doctor’s office/pharmacy/laboratory). Test certificates from commercial testing centers will no longer be accepted. A quick test can be done up to 24 hours before attending the event, a PCR test 48 hours. You can get tested at these local pharmacies near our event location. Please book your test date in advance.

If it is not possible for you to participate after registration, please send us a cancellation as soon as possible to make the attendance available for other event guests.