Materna Aviation Forum 2023


Highlighting the 2023 Edition of the Materna IPS Aviation Forum

The Materna IPS Aviation Forum remains a premier platform for industry leaders and enthusiasts alike to explore, engage, and shape the future of air travel. Building on the success of our previous gatherings, the 2023 Forum delved into the transformative landscape of the aviation industry, exploring the profound impact of global changes and crises on travel. Representatives from airports, airlines, and suppliers worldwide converged to engage in insightful discussions about the latest industry trends. The event served as a platform for sharing innovative projects and solutions aimed at addressing the current challenges facing the aviation sector. Renowned speakers from leading companies such as Lufthansa, Toronto Pearson Airport and the Berlin start-up 

Airsiders shared their experiences, particularly focusing on self-service technologies and other advancements. We shared several exciting and diverse topics which shaped our discussions. The two-day conference began with the theme “Customer Creates Value”, exploring the central role of the customer in shaping and creating value in the aviation industry. Another key topic was “Cybersecurity,” addressing the growing concerns and strategies to bolster cybersecurity in the dynamic landscape of air travel. We also delved into “Connectivity Trends,” and explored “Innovations and Transformation for Modern Airports,” delving into cutting-edge innovations and transformative strategies aimed at modernizing airport operations. 

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