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Professional airport management tools

As well as supporting our customers in the aviation industry with consulting services and self-service hardware and software, we also deliver appropriate technology solutions for professional management applications for airports operations, providing statistical data and configuring systems.

We have developed various software tools to help our customers with their daily operational work at the airport.

Ground Manager App – Overview of all kiosks in operation
Data Manager – Real-time statistics from check-in and bag drop kiosks
CUSS Manager
– Kiosk and SBD platform configuration and management
Application Manager
– Configuration and maintenance of server-based applications
Gate Manager
– Status monitoring and controls for security access and boarding gates 

Your benefits

maximum reliability   

easy configuration      

real-time notifications       

application management  

surveillance and statistics  

Ground Manager App:
Overview of all kiosks in operation

The Ground Manager App delivers kiosk and passenger management via mobile phone directly at the airport and provides you with a flexible overview of all your operational kiosks and their status. The application also provides a detailed view of each kiosk including the status of the applications they are running and of any scanners and printers that are connected. To ensure seamless operations overall, the Materna IPS Ground Manager App provides notifications about any assistance that is required, the requesting system and about the time of request. The solution helps to optimize the passenger processes at the airport.

Technical Features

  • Mobile application


Ground Manager – Areas of application

Data Manager:
Real-time statistics from check-in and bag drop kiosks

The Materna IPS Data Manager provides check-in and bag drop statistics and reports. The technology solution also offers basic monitoring functions for any devices that are installed at the airport. This software solution is multi-tenant capable and is delivered via a web-based client. The IPS Data Manager’s intuitive dashboard provides for easy monitoring and predictions for passenger traffic, peak loads, downtimes, hardware failures and upcoming maintenance requirements. It provides important data for decision-making and planning processes for airports and airlines.

Technical Features

  • Secure web-portal
  • Real-time analytics engine
  • Source data exportable as CSV

Data Manager – Areas of application

CUSS Manager:
Kiosk and SBD platform configuration and management

As part of our product and service range, we also take care of on-site customer loyalty and support. A team of certified IT specialists and project managers guarantees customer-oriented, high quality and well-proven services. With our worldwide operations and a strong partner network, we foster simplified and constant customer dialogue as well as straightforward processes. As we are able to monitor your applications 24/7, we can solve issues before they become problems.

Technical Features

  • Local or remote operation
  • Platform and application management
  • File management

CUSS Manager – Areas of application

Application Manager:
Configuration and maintenance of server-based applications

Utilizing a web-based client, the Materna IPS Application Manager enables you to carry out object-oriented and complex kiosk and SBD application configurations. It simplifies the control and maintenance of server-based Materna IPS applications and enables time-based and time-limited configurations. The Application Manager’s file management also handles application resources like graphics and/or templates.

Technical Features

  • Browser-based tool
  • User management and role-based access
  • File and resource management

Application Manager – Areas of application

Gate Manager:
Status monitoring and controls for security access and boarding gates

By delivering status monitoring and controls for security access and boarding gates, IPS Gate Manager helps airports and airlines to meet the high security standards which are required in the aviation sector these days. Our customers from aviation using Materna IPS gate solutions for self-boarding and secure access can easily configure, manage and administrate their gates with the IPS Gate Manager. This professional tool set shows device status and provides controls for simplified gate management.

Technical Features

  • Web-based tool set

  • Info desk with dashboard

  • User management

Gate Manager – Areas of application

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Andreas Gehling

Senior Product Manager
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