ACI Airport Service Quality awards for our customers

The Airports Council International (ACI) World has announced the winners of the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards for airports which deliver the best customer experience. We are delighted that two of our largest customers are also among the winners: Bengaluru Airport and Toronto Pearson Airport.

In addition to international airports such as Indianapolis, Beijing Capital and Singapore Changi, Toronto Pearson has repeatedly been one of the winners of the ASQ awards. The airport, which serves more than 40 million passengers every year, has now received the accolade as Best Large Airport in North America for the third time running. Toronto Pearson is proud of this hattrick and has said a big thank you to its passengers and innovative partners. As part of Toronto Pearson’s passenger-handling improvements the airport has been relying on Materna’s self-service bag drop solutions for five years now.

For the second time in a row, the ACI has also recognized Bangalore Airport for the hard work it has put into providing its passengers with such excellent service. The airport has won five ACI-ASQ awards. On a global level, Bangalore Airport has received the Best Airport Experience in Arrivals award and on a regional level it is the Best Airport by Size and Region in the Asia Pacific Region. It is also the recipient of yet more awards in the fields of ambience, customer service and infrastructure. Bengaluru Airport was also the very first airport in the whole of India to feature a fully automated self bag drop solution which helps to reduce waiting times significantly. Materna IPS installed the system in 2018.

The global ASQ program set up by the ACI not only honors the excellent performance of the airports, it also provides them with an objective assessment of the customer experience and benchmarks so they can continue to improve. The program measures the passenger satisfaction on the basis of 34 performance indicators. In the face of increasing competition within the airport industry, the ACI confirms these airports’ passenger-oriented business strategy.

Materna IPS, as the leading provider of self-service solutions for passenger handling, helps airports and airlines to provide an enhanced travel experience for their passengers. We are very proud of our customers’ success stories and congratulate them on the excellent ACI awards.

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