Behind the scenes -
how we work

 One face to the customer for airports and airlines – how we work

Materna IPS delivers everything from one source, from the initial concept design through to installation and testing. As one face to the customer we work together with professional partners. We deploy well-proven solutions to meet the highest quality standards and we also reliably implement the most complex major projects.

Our strengths are based on our more than 30 years of experience in this sector and on our software expertise. We can also rely on the comprehensive technology know-how in the Materna Group.

Materna IPS – Benefits

A complete solution all from one source

Reliable implementation of your projects

Software-expertise for standardized and specific passenger handling solutions

Certified platforms and applications (IATA)

Concept design, VR-prototyping, design

Concept design using Virtual Reality

Our VR and AR experts create VR demos to showcase all the requirements airports and airlines might have. Objects such as kiosks are projected to scale in a life-size virtual airport environment that can be viewed from all angles. The aim is to create a realistic simulation of all the relevant products and processes.

Customized design concepts

Just like our customers, we attach great importance to creating modern designs. We have developed our range of products together with different designers so that they fit perfectly into each specific airport environment. Some of our products have already won several design awards.

Software development, configuration and testing

Materna IPS represents the highest levels of expertise in software development and system integration. Our IATA-certified platforms are deployed at airports all over the world. Thanks to the CUSS platform developed by Materna, airlines can be conveniently integrated in our systems and benefit from the Common Use Self-Service standard. As a white label platform, we can also integrate it on third party hardware. We also enable payment and biometric solutions to be deployed at various touchpoints. Our software undergoes very thorough security checks.

Production and assembly

We work according to a modular approach based on standard solutions. In customer projects, smooth customer support and professional implementation are our top priorities. Our supply chain team takes care of our suppliers and on-time delivery.

The IPS project managers coordinate the entire process within the project and the assembly of the project solution as required. We adapt our standard products individually to meet our customers’ specifications and develop customized solutions. In order to guarantee this, we have teams of technical project managers not only in our workshops in Germany, but also in our branch offices – always close to the customer on site.