Simple, easy to use and intuitiveMaterna ips check-in solutions are incredibly fast and allow your passengers to manage kiosk check-ins in a pleasingly short time. Our products are based on our certified CUSS platform and are fully compliant with the relevant IATA standards. This guarantees minimal integration effort, the shortest possible project durations and maximum interconnectivity to any other CUSS-based systems that might be in use at your airport. Besides kiosk check-in, we also deliver mobile and web check-in as well as counter solutions based on CUPPS and CUTE. Our products are also ready to handle payment and biometric functions and can be provided with an onsite maintenance option.
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Drop your bag off in less than 30 secondsWith a baggage drop-off time of less than 30 seconds, our self bag drop solutions for airlines, airports and ground handlers allow passengers to enjoy a maximum of comfort and to gain lots of time. As a pioneer in self-service baggage drop-off we have continuously improved our systems and are the proud provider of the world’s largest automated bag-drop installation at London Gatwick Airport. Our systems are extremely flexible: they can even handle groups of passengers as well as providing built-in payment services for excess baggage. Our self bag drop solutions are CUSS- and CUWS-compliant (IATA RP 1701f and RP 1741) and support multiple airline departure control systems (DCS). We support all options for onestep and two-step baggage processing (kiosk, retrofit and off-airport).
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Best mix of security and convenienceOur access solutions offer a reliable, fast and convenient access to airport security areas for passengers and staff. We provide certified single or multi-line gates for the following: Pre-security When passengers pass from landside to airside, our software checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database. Lounge Our solution allows secure access to specific areas, such as lounge access. Boarding pass validity and validity corresponding to flight times are also checked. Self-boarding Our self-boarding gates interact with the airlinespecific applications based on AEA criteria. No more adaptations to the airline applications are required.
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Breakthrough for Self-Bag-Drop in the USMajor project for Self-Bag-Drop at Denver International Airport has started with Materna. In the area of self-bag-drop, Denver International Airport (DEN) is becoming a real pioneer in the USA.
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Nominated for German Design AwardOur exclusive product designer Marcus Pedersen has been nominated with the Materna Air.Go 2.0 for the German Design Award
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Walk-through biometric solutionFuture Airport talks to our vice-president for operations in North America about the Materna's walk-through biometric solution.
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TUI wins Real IT Awards 2018 for Self-Bag-Drop Service at London Gatwick Airporthe airline TUI won three awards at the Real IT Awards (RITA) in London, on 17 May 2018, for the significant service improvements achieved by installing its Self-Service Bag-Drop application at Gatwick Airport.
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Materna ips wins „Smartest technology of the year” award in Dubai“Biometrics on the move” from Materna ips was chosen for the technology award which was awarded during the Airport Show in Dubai. As a long-term supplier for Middle East airports and airlines the Materna ips team exhibited once again at the biggest event for Aviation Authorities, airports and airlines in that region.
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Baggage Tracking with the BlockchainThorsten Linke, Product Manager for software applications and IT solutions in the common use environment at Materna, talks about how to use Blockchain technology for baggage tracking in the aviation business.
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Additional Services

PaymentOur payment services provide a payment system that can be used by airlines and airline applications operating on our devices like check-in kiosks or self-service bag drop systems in common use or dedicated environments. We provide a simple to implement and manageable system that is based on strict relationships.more >
BiometricsIncreasing demands on safety and comfort in passenger handling promote the use of biometric methods. This gives your passengers a fast and easy access to sensitive areas and airline lounges. Access control is secured using biometric facial recognition or fingerprint scanners.more >
ServicesAs part of our range of products and services, we take care of on-site customer liaison and support. A team of certified IT specialists and project managers guarantees customer-oriented, high-quality and well-proven services. With our world-wide operations and a strong partner network, we favor a simplified and constant customer dialogue as well as straightforward processes.more >
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