Self Bag Drop

Self Bag Drop

Our solutions range from the worldwide biggest self bag drop (SBD) installation to small footprints. Choose from the largest number of options for SBD – including, printing, excess baggage payments and biometrics.

Self bag drop in less than 30 seconds! It’s quick, easy and secure

With our quick and easy-to-use self bag drop solutions, we deliver intelligent and state-of-the-art baggage handling to airlines, airports and ground handlers. We are a pioneer in self-service baggage drop-off and continuously improve our systems. Our systems can handle groups of passengers as well as payment services for excess baggage.

Our self-bag-drop solutions are CUSS- and IATA RP 1701 f-compliant and support multiple airline Departure Control Systems (DCS).

With the acquisition of the leading Norwegian self bag drop specialist DSG BagDrop, Materna also offers a complete range of self-service bag drop solutions perfectly fitting to your existing infrastructure and special needs.

Your benefits

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Short queuing times
  • Process time reduction down to 5 seconds
  • One floor walker can handle multiple bag drop units
  • User-friendly applications
  • Integration into existing infrastructure
  • Biometric data identification
  • Payment integration


Air.Go (A) and (B) – famous Scandinavian product design

Air.Go is a leading solution for self-service baggage for airports. The system has already checked in millions of bags at airports all over the world. It integrates all required hardware and technology. The product design is Scandinavian and ergonomic, elegant and user-friendly and will fit into the architectural and functional environment of airports.

To make it as user-friendly as possible, the graphical user interface is designed to only show one button at a time. The angle of the screen is tilted to suite people of different sizes. A lean design allows passengers to get close to the screen for reading and touching.

Every installation is carried out in close cooperation with the airport to respond to its needs. It is available as a one- or two-step solution, in single or double units, and with the possibility for bag tag identification. The design is modular. It is easy to add, upgrade or remove hardware by changing a front module.



Drop.Go (A) – quick and easy mounting

Drop.Go (A) - a freestanding selfservice bag drop for quick and easy 2-step processes. Passengers print out their bag tags at a check-in kiosk before they use the Drop.Go station to easily drop-off their luggage.

It provides easy mounting of self-service stations to existing checkin counters without any changes to existing hardware installations. Should your airport need to re-structure its bag drop architecture, Drop.Go (A) solutions will provide easy rollback at any time.

More than 10 million bags have been checked in with the Drop.Go (A) version.





Drop.Go (B)

Drop.Go (B) is a freestanding self-service bag drop with a light and transparent layout:

  • Developed for 2-step processes
  • Can be used in hybrid mode
  • Provides quick and easy mounting of self-service stations to existing check-in counters without any changes to existing hardware installations
  • Is equipped with printers and hand scanners

Should your airport need to restructure its baggage check-in architecture, Drop.Go (B) solutions will provide easy rollback at any time.






Drop.Go (C)

Drop.Go (C) - the smallest version for self-service bag drop with a light and transparent layout:

  • Developed for 2-step processes
  • Provides quick and easy mounting on existing check-in counters without any changes to hardware installations
  • Passengers use the hands scanner for reading their bag tags






Pax.Go – more space for more options

Pax.Go is a solution for self bag drop and a cost effective greenfield solution. It is fully equipped with different document scanning modules, printers and payment device. Due to its large paper capacity and its integrated bag tag printer, this version is a perfect solution for maximum throughput at airports.


Pax.Go has an elegant design with a curved front and anodized aluminum profiles. It has completely customizable color schemes and RAL-based powder coating. It meets all actual industry requirements as learned from airport and airline customers, from solution provider standpoints and various hardware supplier options.


Tag.Go – quick and easy bag drop

More and more passengers prefer to use their smartphone or computer to check in before arriving at the airport. Tag.Go makes the bag drop process even easier and faster for these passengers. Passengers scan their boarding pass and immediately receive a printed bag tag.

Tag.Go is optimized for 2-step solutions, has a clean and user-friendly design and matches the DSG Air.Go self-service bag drop station. The system offers endless possibilities for customization, such as integrated hardware, screen colors, graphics, etc. It is designed and manufactured in Scandinavia using only eco-friendly materials and production processes. The materials are tested to endure the hard-use environment of the airport. They are resistant to detergents, easy to clean and maintenance-free.



Individual Solutions

Our individual solutions allow tailored self-service baggage drop off installations for airports with high level requirements in airport design and architecture. Due to the perfect partner network, we can offer integrations with conveyors from CCM, Evans, Siemens and Vanderlande – a wide range of self bag drop solutions for individual needs.

Airports have the choice of various design and technical models. The individual solutions will fit into the existing interior, infrastructure and environment. We guarantee highest safety standards along with easy processes.

All our solutions work according to IATA standards like common use self-service (CUSS) and common use web services (CUWS). They are also available for dedicated environments for single airlines and departure control system providers.

We support

  • CUSS and IATA RP 1701f compliance
  • Multi-DCS / multi-airline support
  • Generic and branded SBD
  • Excess baggage handling and payments
  • Active and inactive baggage tags
  • RFID, pre-printed and home-printed tags
  • Groups and baggage pooling
  • Statistics and dashboard
  • CUSS and CUWS