KioskLet your passengers comfortably check in on the spot at the airport's self-service machines and print their boarding pass.
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WebWith our Web Check-in application, airlines reduce their configuration and administration effort, as it is uniformly based on the same set of rules for kiosk, web or mobile check-in.
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Counter SolutionsCUPPS and Cute provide airlines and ground handlers with a proven and standardized platform for traditional counter check-in.
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Self Bag DropOur solutions range from small footprint to the worldwide biggest self bag drop (SBD) installation. Choose from the largest number of options for SBD – including excess baggage payments.
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Counter SolutionsCUPPS and Cute provide airlines and ground handlers with a proven and standardized platform for traditional counter check-in.
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Cabin Luggage CheckTackle today’s challenges for cabin baggage with our cabin luggage check solution and avoid overloaded aircraft cabins.
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Secure AccessWe provide safe access to various kinds of secure areas in airport environments. When passengers pass from landside to airside, our software checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database.
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Lounge AccessOur solution allows secure access to various areas, such as lounge access boarding pass validity and validity against flight table will be checked.
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Self-BoardingWith self-boarding, you can optimize the boarding process significantly. Our self-boarding gates interact with the airline-specific applications based on AEA criteria. Thus, no more adaptations to the airline applications are required.
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Additional Services

PaymentOur payment services provide a payment system that can be used by airlines and airline applications operating on our devices like check-in kiosks or self-service bag drop systems in common use or dedicated environments. We provide a simple to implement and manageable system that is based on strict relationships.more >
BiometricsIncreasing demands on safety and comfort in passenger handling promote the use of biometric methods. This gives your passengers a fast and easy access to sensitive areas and airline lounges. Access control is secured using biometric facial recognition or fingerprint scanners.more >
ServicesAs part of our range of products and services, we take care of on-site customer liaison and support. A team of certified IT specialists and project managers guarantees customer-oriented, high-quality and well-proven services. With our world-wide operations and a strong partner network, we favor a simplified and constant customer dialogue as well as straightforward processes.more >
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